Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…

Read my blog about feeling fabulous with inexpensive jewelry. Life is too short to not feel fabulous.



I love it when MY style finally hits the fashion scene. I think most women, except for models of course, are like me. They don’t spend money on products because they are “in”. They spend money on products they LOVE! So how great is it when the products you LOVE are finally “in”??

This season has so many things I love that I’m having trouble pacing myself. For me… there is something about dangling earrings and clinky bangle bracelets that make my mood better. They make me feel like a girl. The kind of girl that feels pretty and feels confident. The kind of girl that makes everyone around her happy, just with her smile. The kind of girl whose laugh is contagious. We all know girls. And there are thousands of words we (both men and women) use to describe girls. But let’s be clear… there is something about diamonds and jewelry that make me feel like the kind of girl that everyone wants to be. Or be with.


*If you have not found what makes you feel this way and what brings out this part of you, as a girl, then please begin your search immediately! Life is too short not to feel fabulous. We will all (especially girls) have days where we choose bad mood. Or negative thoughts. But life really is too short to spend most of your days this way. So begin your search. Or do what makes you feel fabulous as often as possible.

With that being said… I want to share some of the things that make me feel fabulous.


The Fireworks Collection is new. & I’m already in Love! This Fireworks Cocktail Ring has finally come around, to fit my style. Click here to view more info on the ring and pricing. & if you Love this ring as much as I do, make sure to check out the matching necklace, bracelet, & earrings here. Now… I definitely realize how flashy this ring is. & it is either going to be a love or hate relationship; however, if you have not tried flashy, costume jewelry before I definitely recommend trying it at some point! Again… it’s all about how it makes you feel. Feeling wonderful & fabulous cannot be duplicated or fake, but it does not have to be expensive.

earrings1Another trend I noticed has come back around lately to fit my style is the teardrop shaped earrings. There are only a couple reviews posted on these earrings, but I noticed more than one review mentions how these earrings are great for daytime working or hanging out OR for night out / date night. Click here to see the latest teardrop shaped earrings available. And if you Love teardrops make sure to check out the Sunrise Collection.

The sterling silver line of jewelry is still what I would consider costume jewelry; however, the prices are a bit higher and the silver is sterling. I have several of these rings from this line that I wear daily.

ring2My necklaces, earrings, & even watches vary each day depending on my mood; however, I have grown fond of the sterling silver collection and have several pieces I wear each day, in addition to my wedding set of course.

I, personally, love black onyx and dark-colored jewelry, which brings me to my last “feel-fabulous” jewelry collection.


The mark. Back Up Plan Necklace is gorgeous & can be worn three ways, to fit right in with your look. I love long, dangly necklaces especially in the winter when I get to wear sweaters and long-sleeve shirts (occasionally in Florida). Click here to see all of the jewelry by mark. And again… how convenient that this new line is out just in time to fit my style! 2017 is off to a great start, thanks to the designers (wherever they are) that are miraculously reading my mind!!

Be sure to check back, as there are some fabulous new pieces coming out soon. & I will say again: life is too short to not feel fabulous. & if you have never tried to feel fabulous with simple jewelry then I definitely think it is time you gave it a shot! It is cheaper than massages and lasts longer than pedicures.

Author: BusyBoyMom

My name is Brandi. I am 35 years old. I live in central Florida with my husband and my three boys. My blog mostly includes things I love, as well as Boy-Mom / Working Mom wisdom I've picked up on my journey. I hope you enjoy as much as I do <3

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