Takoda <3

Read my latest blog about my family’s favorite 4-legged guy, Koda.


So today I decided to write about one of the members of my family. At the risk of starting what could be a controversial issue, I want to tell you about our bluenose pit-bull named Takoda.


Yes, he is beautiful. We got Takoda (Koda) when he was about 8 weeks old (he is 3 and a half now). He has been raised in a home with 4 young boys and lots and lots of activity going on all the time. Again, going to avoid the controversial issue about having a bluenose pit-bull in my home. This guy is family. He has even gone on vacation with us….



I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge animal person. I find myself getting irritated with the constant battle of keeping our floors free of dog hair. & keeping kids dressed in school clothes that aren’t covered in dog hair. LOL I’ve had several pets in my lifetime so I’m pretty familiar with myself when I say that I’m not a huge animal person; however, my husband on the other hand, is a huge dog person (thank goodness it isn’t cats… I don’t do cats at all due to allergies). He would love to have 5 “Koda’s”. I’ve limited him thus far. I feel that I’ll be caving soon and we will end up getting another bluenose puppy to raise around our Koda and our boys.


Having never owned a bluenose before (& of course not being a big animal person) we learned a lot as we went with Koda. We found out pretty early that he has extremely sensitive skin. We used puppy wash on him for a while, but still struggled with fleas. The puppy was too mild to kill the fleas. Of course, when he got bigger we took him to the vet and got the (very) expensive medications that keep fleas away. We noticed several times mostly on his tail and under his arms (armpit area) that he would break out. He has extremely sensitive skin. Luckily for Koda he shared a home with The Avon Lady.


Several years ago we started using Skin So Soft body wash on our precious Koda. It was like magic! The breakouts were gone and his skin cleared up, usually within a day of his bath! Yes, seriously, within about 24 hours! If the irritation was really bad (like under his arms) we would rub him down with Skin So Soft bath oil. The underarms got worse than any other part when he did break out, as this is not a part of his body that we see regularly.


This is what Koda’s body wash looks like. It smells great and my husband even tells me it helps to keep mosquitos away when Koda is outside. He spends his days outside and his nights inside. Click here to read reviews on what customers are saying about this body wash.

Sooo.. yesterday I did my regular “Mom” thing. I told my husband he needed to give Koda a bath. I’ve noticed him scratching more than  usual and he doesn’t smell fabulous. So today I hung around outside while Hubs gave Koda a bath. Now anytime we are talking with friends (usually other pit-bull owners) about Koda and his skin we tell them what we use to keep his sensitive skin from breaking out and my husband always brags that the Skin So Soft body wash we use on him kills fleas. Shhh…. I never really bought into this. I thought he was just helping to promote my business. Ya’all…. today, I ate those terrible words. I witnessed with my own eyes dead fleas just falling off of my dog!! He wears no special collar. We don’t put any medicine from the vet. He doesn’t take any pills (he actually missed his last vet appointment about 2 weeks ago because we were on vacation).

I seriously could not believe my eyes!! This body wash (which I happen to use as well) is very mild. I can see why it clears up his breakouts. But I’m honestly shocked that it killed fleas on contact! I recommend this body wash for anyone with a dog that has sensitive skin. And, as I said, if the skin irritation has been there for a couple days, we use actual Skin So Soft bath oil to help heal it up quicker. Click here to see all Skin So Soft products and read reviews from customers.



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My name is Brandi. I am 35 years old. I live in central Florida with my husband and my three boys. My blog mostly includes things I love, as well as Boy-Mom / Working Mom wisdom I've picked up on my journey. I hope you enjoy as much as I do <3

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