The Facial Hair Struggle

Check out my review of Skin So Soft’s facial hair removal cream.


So all this time- 34 years- it’s hasn’t happened. I’ve had a few gray hairs. I noticed an angry wrinkle in the middle of my forehead a few years ago. I’ve had smile wrinkles for several years. But I have never had a stache until recently 😦 

Its started when I got some sun a few weeks ago. And the skin on my upper lip got dark… and the little hairs got lighter. So the first comment came from my husband. I looked and kind of agree with him and moved on. In any case, my makeup can hide just about anything! So I started taking more time with my makeup.. lightening up this area when I applied. Now worries.

Then one day, sans makeup, my stepson mentions my mustache. I start getting concerned. Within 3 days of this 2nd comment, one of my twins says something to me! I start getting upset. And It’s time to DO something! 

Luckily for me, it was time to send in my Avon order. The wait for my shipment to arrive was painful this month. My patience had almost run out when my package arrived!!

So this morning, we decide to spend the 4th of July at the beach. I’ve read my instructions. I’m removing this stache (or hoping to!!) while I prepare my coffee before we head out. 

I read the instructions which say to put a thick layer on and do not rub it in. Leave for 2-8 minutes. I left on for about 5 minutes. Then wipe clean with wet washcloth and then rinse with warm water. 

So I come out if the bedroom looking like this…

I laughed so hard as I made my coffee when one of the twins asked me “Mommy, where did you get that milk mustache at?” So I announced to him and his brothers that it wasn’t milk.. I was working on my mustache. So then I laughed some more when he asked “So that’s lotion to grown your mustache?” Kids are a trip! 

So now for the review. I’m in holiday-beach mode so no after pick at this time. Lol But the hair removal cream did, in fact, remove all the fine little hairs from my upper lip. Apparently, there was quite a bit of “fuzz” there because now the skin feels a bald kind of weird. And I will say I probably should have done the hair removal a day or 2 ago because applying sunscreen on my face did burn just a tad on my upper lip, as well as the “just shaved now in the salt water burn” most women have experienced on their legs at some point. It wasn’t life-altering. And definitely worth having the stache gone. 

So I would definitely recommend Skin So Soft hair removal cream. It was more than worth the $7 I paid for it. I think when I’ve used all of this one I will get the sensitive skin hair removal cream. Especially if I remove the hair on beach day. Lol

Oh My Feet… 

Tired, achy leg and feet remedies for anybody who is super hard on the lower body.

Sooo it’s been somewhat of a secret that I’ve recently decided to get off the couch & get healthy. I have a few “go-to’s” who have been aware of my journey thus far. So I guess you could say the cat’s coming out of the bag. 

Recently, I’ve been taking the boys to the local park. They ride their bikes and I walk (eventually going to be a jog or a run). I usually do 2 or 3 miles per day. In addition the boys and I have been working out at home (they will confirm this is true Lol) and we’ve been spending time in the pool. They swim… I focus on water aerobics and let me tell you- I wondered if they were working on day #1 and day #2… but on day #3 I started swimming and doing donkey kicks under the water and my hips definitely let me know that day this yes, this is working!! 

So in any case, for about 2 weeks my right foot has been bothering me. No trauma. No bruise. It’s hard for me to even explain the pain… but it’s worst in the mornings. I have been sorta walking around with my coffee cup in the mornings trying to determing if walking will be possible that day, while the boys follow me around, begging to load up their bikes so “we can go ride”. They love it! It’s a win-win-win situatuon! We’re all happy and all moving. Score. 

After a few days of this I had to evaluate my foot. Pretty sure I’m going to end up visiting the Dr. But in the meantime… I’ve been using Footworks products to sooth my aching feet. And they have kept me going (see below today’s walk):

Oh yesss! Almost 4.5 miles! Amazing! I feel wonderful! & although I seriously hate my scale.. I’m noticing other victories. NSV’s. Nom-Scale Victories. Great, great feeling. So what are these products that are allowing my feet to continue providing NSV’s? I thought you’d never ask:

The FootWorks Lavender Pampering Oil is amazing! I put some in some warm water and soaked my aching foot for a while. It was very soothing and rejuvenating. Put some life back into my poor foot. Lol

I think I love the peppermint reviving leg gel the most! I’ve mentioned it before in previous posts. I can’t say enough good things about it. I use it on legs and feet. It’s not too strong and not very tingly. Many people don’t like tingly feelings. But again… this stuff has definitely been putting some life back into my feet and legs from all this hard work I’m putting them through.

& lastly… nothing to do with aching feet. I live with a bunch of smelly boys & look at this…

This deodorizing spray is only $3.99 (so I bought 2!!) We definitely, definitely need and use this stuff!! & for Hubby with BIG feet problems & constantly wearing work boots at work 75+ hours per week:

Deodorizing foot powder. Also just $3.99. & totally worth it. 

Meditation… Sort Of. 

Meditation. Brandi style.

So recently I visited the doctor. We discussed lots of healthy things I need to start doing. Or stop doing. Lol Most of her advice was already burned into my brain from tons of research on getting healthier. I expected most of what she said. But one thing did surprise me. She advised me to spend time, every day, meditating. Or praying. Basically- time alone. 

I asked questions and we discussed this for a little while because I wasn’t expecting it. So I had questions and wanted to understand what she was asking of me. 

She gave me the name of an app that she uses daily on her drive to work. You can decide which area of your life you would like to hear some motivational and inspirational tips (for example relationships or raising children or managing stress at work). Once you click a short 20-30 minute clip plays on your phone. 

So, I downloaded the app, signed up with my e-mail address, looked all of the information over one good time and haven’t clicked the app again in over a month. I haven’t listened to a single recording clip. Don’t get me wrong- I love motivational speakers like Les Brown. & I always feel empowered when I’m done listening. But the truth is my life is busy and I didn’t feel this app was how I wanted to spend my “alone time”. This “meditation method” clearly wasn’t for me. 

I thought about what the doctor had told me about spending time thinking or praying, because the truth is that stress is harmful to your health. In more than one way. I certainly understand this and I believe that minimizing stress is necessary for a healthier lifestyle. It just took me a day or two to decide how to spend my quiet time. 

I wouldn’t call myself a vain person; however, most of my blogs mention doing things for yourself (applying makeup in the morning, using face cream at night, painting your toenails) all for one main reason: to feel better. Any feeling can control your whole day if you let it. So feeling healthier or feeling happier is ultimately going to lead to being healthier and happier. What a simple concept!

So with all that being said, I decided that I would spend a few minutes each day doing something for me. I have four young boys in my home, a husband, and a dog. Most everything I do is for these guys- my family. And I don’t (usually) complain. But a few minutes each day spent on something for me has the potential to reduce stress in my life. Maybe not a ton of stress- but every little bit helps. And will eventually add up!

So I’ve been doing little, extra things lately when I have a chance or think about it. I love bubble baths. I usually get to enjoy a bubble bath once a month… or every 2 months. 

Something else I love is coconut oil. This evening, inbetween the madness that is my life, I made time to put a coconut oil mask on my hair. Now don’t misunderstand: I am NOT doing the new “natural hair” thing. I definitely would- but my hair is high-maintenance. Natural hair just isn’ta good look for me. Lol But coconut oil is really nourishing and replenishing. I’ll wash the mask out in the morning and get back to my toxin-bearing hair products. But I love the end result and ultimately, it was me time. 

My “me time’s” are generally sparatic, unplanned, & unscheduled. That’s just how it goes. Lol So the boys aren’t usually surprised to see me coming out if the bedroom with some sort of mask on my hair or face or some kind of homemade exfoliating creams on my legs. Lol

Face masks I like are firming sheet masks (yes, the royal jelly from the queen bee is true!) or black mineral masks. Again, I’m not on a schedule with these products. Scheduling is difficult at my house. Lol But I do use them. & I love them. 

Some other non-scheduled “me time’s” involve foot care. Sunny Florida is just amazing at catering to my love of flip-flops. It’s pretty great. Floridians are capable of flip-flopping in every season- all year long! My sandal collection is actually growing as well! Flip-flops and sandals are great.. except on your feet. And heels. Especially heels! So I like to pamper my feet ever so often. 

I normally go with overnight renewing foot cream. Mostly because who has time for a foot soak?! Lol Less than 5 minutes.. go to bed.. beautiful, soft feet and heels in the morning! Why can’t everything be so easy, like laundry? 5 minutes.. sleep.. done! Nice thought, huh? 

Reviving leg gel is also pretty great for “me time”. I’m not a huge peppermint fan. I don’t like creams or body washes that are minty; however, after a long day of chasing my kids around (going on bike rides with them or going skating at the skating rink) this stuff feels amazing! Yes… I really do skate with them when we go. & my lega aren’t what they were 20 years ago! Lol So aching legs are the cost. 

Perhaps one day soon I’ll set up a structured schedule that fits in with all of my other daily routines. If not, at least I get an ‘A’ for effort. Remember to get your meditation in per the doctor’s instructions… however you may spend it ♡

Sandal Feet

Read my latest blog on getting sandal feet ready for summer. And check out all the latest sandals and super cute wedges on my eStore.

Who needs a summer body when you have sandal feet? Summer is quickly approaching (especially here in The Sunshine State!). Are your feet ready? 

FootWorks Dual Action Pedi Peel

FootWorks Deep Moisturizing Cream

FootWorks Overnight Renewing Foot Cream

FootWorks Pedicure Tool

FootWorks Pedicure Kit

FootWorks Pineapple Chill Exfoliating Foot Scrub (This stuff is ahh-mazzing!! Just as good, if not better, than what they use at the salons!!!!)

FootWorks Pineapple Chill Cooling Lotion Not too many reviews on the Pineapple Chill line.. but I’ve used all 3 of the products and I highly recommend them all.

FootWorks Pineapple Chill Cooling Spray …. Great before bed after a long day. The cooling effect is somehow relaxing.

Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel See colors below. Check back for more shades through the summer. 

In a hurry? Try Speed Dry Nail Enamel, available in 8 colors shown below.

Not in a hurry? Check out Dazzlers Top Coat, available in gold or silvertone. 

Not only have I given you much more cost efficient ways to care for your feet and piggys, but now see below some super cute (& super affordable) sandals offered on my eStore. See links & pricing below.

Textured Micro Wedge Sandal marked down from $24.99 to $14.99!

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Twist of Orange Demi Wedge regular $36, now on sale for $21.99. Going fast!

Walking Tour Sandals $36
These are some of my favorites to show off my perfectly pedicured feet & painted toes, but this isn’t all of them. Click here to visit my eStore and see all of the summer-ready sandals. 

First Beach Trip of the Year

Read my latest blog on dealing with sunburn and avoiding skin peeling.

My family went on our first beach trip this past Sunday. We chose our favorite beach- Clearwater. We haven’t been to Clearwater in several years. We went with several friends and they all tried to talk us out of Clearwater. We wouldn’t hear of it. We were set. So we arrived to overpay for parking.. and to end up on a pretty crowded beach. It was a rough start but the waves were pretty much nonexistent  (which was wonderful for the kids) and we had the best day. Lots of friends and the kids got to play with their cousins and friends. We absolutely had a blast. 

Now it’s Wednesday and I have one word for you: Sunburned. 3 days after our beach trip I am finally able to wear regular clothes Lol I’m a bit of a professional at not peeling. Just ask my husband. Lol But this time I was thinking Sunday night I really messed up. I really got way too much sun. Going forward.. goal #1 Don’t let the summer ruin my skin.

So just as soon as I’ve gotten all the sand off me I start my ritual. I never use less than two lotions.. and I never apply them less than 3 times a day. (My husband always thinks I’m crazy… let the gel dry and then immediately apply some lotion Lol I think after 5 years he has realized that I’m onto something!) This time it’s been a variety of lotions and gels. Normally I do this because I don’t want to peel; however, now I’m genuinely getting concerned about taking care of my skin. I’ve been working on a sun spot on my face for about a year! Trying to get it to fade and not be discolored. Hopefully I haven’t undone all that hard work.

In any case, I’ve mainly used 1 product on my face. And I really feel that it has saved the day.

At the time I purchased this Nutraeffects Radiance Day Cream I had no idea it would hydrate so well it would stop sunburned peeling. This stuff has been amazing. I use it everyday, along with some other products… normally. However, since my sunburn I have stopped using my Vitamin C Serum. The serum is wonderful and I still love it; however, when I first started using it and recommending it to me friends I noticed right away an “alcohol skin drying characteristic”. For this reason every bottle I sold- I made sure and told my friends to use a moisturizer with the Vitamin C Serum. It has never dried my face out. But I could definitely see where it would without a good moisturizer. 

So, in my current situation any products that add any drying effects are off limits. 

So for the rest of me I’ve been using several products:

This beautiful little tube of blue bliss cost me about $1.99 from Avon last year. I gave several as gifts and I held on to about 3 of them, knowing that me & my boys spends summers at beaches and lakes. Unfortunately, Avon stopped selling them after last summer. I’m looking for the 2017 replacement item to come out soon.. once summer reaches all the other parts of the country. Florida doesn’t really know spring. We know summer. Already in the 90’s around here?? Yep.. it’s summer. The $10 or so I spend on this after-sun aloe gel has paid for itself in my home about 100 times since last summer! Awesome stuff!

Now.. I’m all Avon, most of the time. I ordered this It Works! Defining gel from one of my mothers-in-law. It was $75!!! No typo… $75! They call it liquid gold. It’s pretty good. And I have used it a couple times on my shoulders (that are slightly starting to peel). It is super hydration. It has done the job for sure. But prior to this sunburn I wouldn’t hardley use it. The price I paid.. I always felt I was wasting it. Lol

I’ve been slathering up in this Radiant Moisture Body Lotion. It doesn’t make my skin greasy but it moisturizes and the scent isn’t too strong. I have this big one pictured at home, as well as a smaller size on my desk at work. I’ve never used my “office lotion” more than this last week. Lol I’m usually a germ-a-phobe, sanitizer freak. But not this week! #goals #nopeeling

This is another lotion that’s been a great friend this week. Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration Body Lotion. My lower didn’t get as burned as my upper.. so I’ve been using this on my legs to restore some hydration. Again, non-greasy and mildly scented. This one is great.. but it isn’t as thick as the Radiant Moisture lotion. 

Once I could finally stand to take a nice, long, warm bath I did! Little trick I learned from Hubs- taking a warm shower/bath takes the sting out of the burn for us. I don’t know why and I don’t know why I tried it the first time he told me about it. But I tried it.. and he was right!! So I grabbed my bath gear and very, very carefully hopped in. Lol

I’m a huge fan of bubble bath! Baths just aren’t the same without bubbles. I will change my mind about a bath if I find out there is no bubble bath (not even in the boys bathroom!). I’m not a huge fan of vanilla scents; however, i wanted something subtle. So I chose Vanilla Cream Bubble Bath, which I think I paid $2 or $3 for. I didn’t want an overvearing scent… I had enough to deal with Lol

For obvious reasons, I decided on Supreme Nourishment Body Wash for tub time. Anything with words “supreme nourishment” are worth as shot when you’re as sunburned as I am! Lol The scent wasn’t my favorite, but still very subtle and soothing. 

Below is my “end result”. Hubby didn’t want his picture taken (he’s peeling!!) Lol I did not edit the picture in any way. And you actually can see a little bit of “peelage” on my nose. I can’t even say how happy I am that I had all of these products readily available in my home. The struggle to wear clothes had been real (as anyone who has gotten sunburned can imagine!) So it was nice to have what we all needed, kids included. Next beach trip will (hopefully) be a blog about how to avoid getting too much sun at the beach! Lol But just in case you got too much sun too, check out my web site for most of these products 🙂

Click on my picture to see all thing Bug Guard related on my web site. Bug Guard has some great SPF lotions for kids, as well as insect repellant (that even repells sand fleas) if you’re planning your first beach trip of the year! 

And yes, the shirt is one of my new favorite things from Avon. Click below to see it now!

Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top

April Faves- I’ve Officially Switched!

Read about my latest favorite hair and bath/body products. Make sure to check out the impressive customer reviews on these products to see what people are saying after using them.

So I’ve mentioned before that my hair is complicated. It’s dry ans curly. I call it “high maintenance hair”. It is NOT brush and go hair. Every product I use on my hair  critical for a bad hair day or a good hair day. From shampoo to what I put in it after showering. You’ve seen those Memes about the homeless hairstyle?

This is definitely me. The more time I spend, the cuter my hair is. The less time I spend- the more I look homeless. Lol 

So I’m a little skeptical when changes products for my hair. This week I’ve started using the Nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil line from Avon. I’m impressed. And furthermore, the reviews on these products, especially the Argan Oil itself, are impressive. The age demographic of people using and loving this oil is impressive. Click on the links below the images to see specifications about these products and read customer reviews. And if you click only one link… make sure you click the Argan Oil link. People are loving this stuff, as much as I do! I use the word people because lots of women are buying this product for their children. Even on review the lady is using on her school-aged son to tame his dry curls!  The shampoo and conditioner are a bargain- both for $8 on sale now. The oil is a lottle pricey in my opinion, especially if you’re on the large-family budget like I am. The oil is $10, but totally worth every penny!

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatmemt 

Now that the hair is tamed, let’s talk about my new favorite body wash by Avon. Again, scrolling through the reviews, people of all agea are using these products. And most people who try them and find their favorite never switch again! One girl has been using my new favorite body wash for 5+ years! 

Last week I ran out of body wash. I was using Skin So Soft Original Creamy Body Wash. Even this one has really good reviews and an impressive age demographic. From 25 to 55+ people love the original body wash. 

So when it was time to place my order, I stepped up my game a bit. I do not suffer from dry skin (except my legs in the winter). I simply prefer moisturized skin. In addition, summer is quickly approaching here in Sunny Florida and I will be spending quite a bit of timr in the sun. So rehydrating is important. I’ve been using the Radiant Moisture Body Wash & Body Lotion. I probably won’t be switching any time soon. I love this stuff! 

The body wash & lotions are $8. & right now, the lotions are running a special, buy one-get one for 99 cent! And for people who do suffer from dry skin, I recommend the Supreme Nourishment Creamy Body Wash and Supreme Nourishment Body Lotion. I have these as well; I’m just currently stuck on the radiant moisture line.

Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Creamy Body Wash

Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Body Lotion

If you’ve tried any of these products or if you have questions about them, I’d love to hear from you!

 And don’t forget- Any product you order through my web site has a 90-Day money back return policy. 

The last thought for today is about a product I am getting ready to try. I can’t wait to give my review of the Clearskin Black Mineral Mask. I’ve inserted the link below so you can go ahead and check out the customer reviews. Very impressed with the reviews and the age/gender demographic of people using this product! Check back soon for a new blog with my personal review.

Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask

Takoda <3

Read my latest blog about my family’s favorite 4-legged guy, Koda.

So today I decided to write about one of the members of my family. At the risk of starting what could be a controversial issue, I want to tell you about our bluenose pit-bull named Takoda.


Yes, he is beautiful. We got Takoda (Koda) when he was about 8 weeks old (he is 3 and a half now). He has been raised in a home with 4 young boys and lots and lots of activity going on all the time. Again, going to avoid the controversial issue about having a bluenose pit-bull in my home. This guy is family. He has even gone on vacation with us….



I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge animal person. I find myself getting irritated with the constant battle of keeping our floors free of dog hair. & keeping kids dressed in school clothes that aren’t covered in dog hair. LOL I’ve had several pets in my lifetime so I’m pretty familiar with myself when I say that I’m not a huge animal person; however, my husband on the other hand, is a huge dog person (thank goodness it isn’t cats… I don’t do cats at all due to allergies). He would love to have 5 “Koda’s”. I’ve limited him thus far. I feel that I’ll be caving soon and we will end up getting another bluenose puppy to raise around our Koda and our boys.


Having never owned a bluenose before (& of course not being a big animal person) we learned a lot as we went with Koda. We found out pretty early that he has extremely sensitive skin. We used puppy wash on him for a while, but still struggled with fleas. The puppy was too mild to kill the fleas. Of course, when he got bigger we took him to the vet and got the (very) expensive medications that keep fleas away. We noticed several times mostly on his tail and under his arms (armpit area) that he would break out. He has extremely sensitive skin. Luckily for Koda he shared a home with The Avon Lady.


Several years ago we started using Skin So Soft body wash on our precious Koda. It was like magic! The breakouts were gone and his skin cleared up, usually within a day of his bath! Yes, seriously, within about 24 hours! If the irritation was really bad (like under his arms) we would rub him down with Skin So Soft bath oil. The underarms got worse than any other part when he did break out, as this is not a part of his body that we see regularly.


This is what Koda’s body wash looks like. It smells great and my husband even tells me it helps to keep mosquitos away when Koda is outside. He spends his days outside and his nights inside. Click here to read reviews on what customers are saying about this body wash.

Sooo.. yesterday I did my regular “Mom” thing. I told my husband he needed to give Koda a bath. I’ve noticed him scratching more than  usual and he doesn’t smell fabulous. So today I hung around outside while Hubs gave Koda a bath. Now anytime we are talking with friends (usually other pit-bull owners) about Koda and his skin we tell them what we use to keep his sensitive skin from breaking out and my husband always brags that the Skin So Soft body wash we use on him kills fleas. Shhh…. I never really bought into this. I thought he was just helping to promote my business. Ya’all…. today, I ate those terrible words. I witnessed with my own eyes dead fleas just falling off of my dog!! He wears no special collar. We don’t put any medicine from the vet. He doesn’t take any pills (he actually missed his last vet appointment about 2 weeks ago because we were on vacation).

I seriously could not believe my eyes!! This body wash (which I happen to use as well) is very mild. I can see why it clears up his breakouts. But I’m honestly shocked that it killed fleas on contact! I recommend this body wash for anyone with a dog that has sensitive skin. And, as I said, if the skin irritation has been there for a couple days, we use actual Skin So Soft bath oil to help heal it up quicker. Click here to see all Skin So Soft products and read reviews from customers.