Black Mineral Mask Review

Check out my review of Clearskin Pore-Penetrating Black Mineral Mask.


So I tried this a while back. I really liked it and I’ve continued to use it about once a week. I’m really rough on my skin during the summer. So a deep clean is good for keeping my skin healthy.

This mineral mask contains an oil-absorbing blend of mineral clays that attract oil like a magnet. This mask is suitable for all skin types. 

The mask comes out of a tube a dark grey color. The instructions say you should apply a thin layer to your freshly-washed face. 

This is not a peel-off mask. It must be washed off once it turns light grey. I’ve always heard with masks like this one that the first part of the mask that turns grey is the spots on your face where the mask starts working first. I can’t aay if this is true or not, but funny enough- the mask always dries and turns grey in my problem area which is the creases of my nose. These seem to be where blemishes will show up, when they show up.

The mask has a cooling effect on the skin and a clean smell that isn’t too strong.

Also the skin around my mouth usually dries very quickly. This ia another problem area I have. 

Once the mask is completely dry it will look like this:

The directions say to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. Once the mask is completely dry you should rinse off with warm water and pat your face dry. 

I would recommend this product to my family and friends. I’m sure my boys will be using this mineral mask soon enough (they’re super lucky to live with their very own Avon lady!).

The reviews on this product are pretty impressive. Click here to see over 100 reviews of people who have tried this mineral mask or had someone in their home try it

Keep checking back. I plan to try and provide feedback on most of the Clearskin products over this summer, in an effort to keep my face clean and clear in this Florida heat.

Facial Extraction Strip… Necessary! 

Check out my personal review of the Clearskin extraction strip. Extracting dirt and cleaning pores one strip at a time.

So this new active lifestyle I’ve been living hasn’t been wonderful for my face. I walk for exercise or work in my yard everyday. Which means I sweat everyday. Not to mention- pool side and beach days include pore-clogging sunscreen.

 In an effort to keep my skin clear of blackheads and pimples, I ordered and tried out Clearskin extraction strip to pull out dirt and oils from problems areas on my face (the t-zone and chin areas). 

So the strip comes out in a liquid form, very thick and very sticky. It reminded me of wax for eyebrows. As the instructions stated- I put a very thick layer on the t-zone (betweem eyebrows and on nose) and I also did my chin. (Excuse my makeup-less, fresh-out-of-the-shower, sunglass-tan face). & yes, my eyebrows are a work in progress. Lol

And just for fun, I had Hubs try it too (but only with the stipulation of an embarassing photo). 

Excuse his “haven’t shaved in months” beard. Haha!

The directions say it takes about 20 minutes for the strip to dry. It took a bit longer for the really thick spots to dry enough to be peeled, but I didn’t mind. It was relax time. So relax I did. 

I noticed the strip felt cool as it started to dry, like a refreshing feeling. 

Removing the strip was a bit of a task for me. Hubs is much tougher and had no troubles. My skin is more sensitive so I had to go slowly. One thing was clear immediately: nothing can stay in your pores when you remove this strip! I removed the chin strip first and the skin looked like brand new skin. Quite impressive. 

I had gotten some of the strip in my eyebrows and was concerned that I would struggle to remove it and possibly forfeit some of my eyebrow(s). Lol This wasn’t the case. The strip came right off and did not pull out any hair in my eyebrows. 

I will definitely continue to use the strip and would recommend it to my friends or family. And it would probably be very beneficial to young teens who struggle with acne and blackheads. The strip is meant to be used 1-2 times per week. Using it more frequently could cause drying skin and pores.

Click here to see all of the Clearskin products and read customer reviews. And feel free to share your embarassing review photos as well! 😉

The Facial Hair Struggle

Check out my review of Skin So Soft’s facial hair removal cream.

So all this time- 34 years- it’s hasn’t happened. I’ve had a few gray hairs. I noticed an angry wrinkle in the middle of my forehead a few years ago. I’ve had smile wrinkles for several years. But I have never had a stache until recently 😦 

Its started when I got some sun a few weeks ago. And the skin on my upper lip got dark… and the little hairs got lighter. So the first comment came from my husband. I looked and kind of agree with him and moved on. In any case, my makeup can hide just about anything! So I started taking more time with my makeup.. lightening up this area when I applied. Now worries.

Then one day, sans makeup, my stepson mentions my mustache. I start getting concerned. Within 3 days of this 2nd comment, one of my twins says something to me! I start getting upset. And It’s time to DO something! 

Luckily for me, it was time to send in my Avon order. The wait for my shipment to arrive was painful this month. My patience had almost run out when my package arrived!!

So this morning, we decide to spend the 4th of July at the beach. I’ve read my instructions. I’m removing this stache (or hoping to!!) while I prepare my coffee before we head out. 

I read the instructions which say to put a thick layer on and do not rub it in. Leave for 2-8 minutes. I left on for about 5 minutes. Then wipe clean with wet washcloth and then rinse with warm water. 

So I come out if the bedroom looking like this…

I laughed so hard as I made my coffee when one of the twins asked me “Mommy, where did you get that milk mustache at?” So I announced to him and his brothers that it wasn’t milk.. I was working on my mustache. So then I laughed some more when he asked “So that’s lotion to grown your mustache?” Kids are a trip! 

So now for the review. I’m in holiday-beach mode so no after pick at this time. Lol But the hair removal cream did, in fact, remove all the fine little hairs from my upper lip. Apparently, there was quite a bit of “fuzz” there because now the skin feels a bald kind of weird. And I will say I probably should have done the hair removal a day or 2 ago because applying sunscreen on my face did burn just a tad on my upper lip, as well as the “just shaved now in the salt water burn” most women have experienced on their legs at some point. It wasn’t life-altering. And definitely worth having the stache gone. 

So I would definitely recommend Skin So Soft hair removal cream. It was more than worth the $7 I paid for it. I think when I’ve used all of this one I will get the sensitive skin hair removal cream. Especially if I remove the hair on beach day. Lol

It’s Summer… Almost!

Get ready fo summer. And summer bugs with Bug Guard.

It’s Summer… Almost! According to my calendar just 2 more weeks until Sunny days and beach trips.. Late nights and bonfires.. Boat time on the lake! Yep.. It’s almost Summer. 

Me and the boys are already enjoying some summer time. We been hanging at the park and preparing for some grass cutting (one of my favorite things!!). And looking forward to flip flop tans and swimsuits. 

We have lots to look forward to!! Something we normally don’t look forward to are bugs. Sand fleas and mosquitoes. Ticks. Although we don’t look forward to bugs we are always (& I mean ALWAYS) prepared for bugs. Lol

We, seriously, keep a bottle of Bug Guard in both trucks, as well as in the beach bag. 

The thing I love the most about Bug Guard is that it is DEET-free. Everybody loves bug repellants with deet… until they realize how harmful DEET is!

Now I’m on the “other side” of most of the warning labels these days. I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground. You can’t go anywhere or talk to anyone nowadays without hearing how bad EVERYTHING is for you. Seriously… everything is bad. Sugar is bad for you… but so is aspartame (fake sugar). Sunburn is bad for you.. but so is spray and lotion sunscreen. Again, everything is bad and it will drive you crazy trying to keep up with warnings!

Luckily, we all get to choose what we give or don’t give and use or don’t use with our families. I like to think of myself as a smart person. I do my research before banning an item from our lives. I like to read up before deciding what’s best (or worst) for my family. I suggest everyone do the same. 

With that being said, I do try not to use DEET anymore. My children and I suffer from breathing problems and asthma. So that is one of the main reasons I choose DEET-free. If you do research on deet you will find that it can cause rash and skin irritation, as well as nausea, headaches, and dizziness just to name a few. 

This is an actual bottle of Off! I have in my home. The most concerning warning cautions that sprayed clothing needs to be removed and washed immediately when returning indoors.

Bug Guard uses a DEET alternative called Picaridin. Picaridin has been around since the 1980’s and is most popular for being lighter than DEET (not as greasy) and less harsh. Some plaatics and synthetics can actually be dissolved by DEET. Picaridin doesn’t have this effect. Let me also say that Bug Guard is safe for pets, when used properly of course.

Also… might I add that Bug Guard is available with sunscreen? And Bug Guard has a line of actual sunscreen products, as well. 

I like this one pictured. The lotion goes on blue and disappears once rubbed in. This is HUGE for allowing my boys to be more independent and also to free up some of my time, of course while they apply their own sunscreen. One of the many things I do  the boys.. & for me. Sadly, they must learn to take care of things.

So, in short, my family has officially switched. Click here to see all of the Bug Guard products and read tons of reviews! I don’t think Skin So Soft itself has as many reviews as the Bug Guard line! 

The Bug Guard line is a little pricey so be sure to catch them on sale! Right now the whole line is on sale- Buy one, get one free. Sales usually happen pretty often but BOGO is pretty rare. So shop now 🙂

I almost forgot one of my favoritr Buv Guard products. 

The anti itch spray. I published my blog while I was out with the guys for a short drive. As soon as I got home (9:00 p.m.) and got into the house I went to medicine cabinet for this little gem. & then a lightbulb went off! I just posted about Bug Guard and I left this out. Whaaat?? Lol

 We use this almost daily! I’ve been using this anti itch for bug bites so long that I’m not even sure what other Mom’s are using these days? This takes the itch out of bites almost immediately! The hydrocortisone is pretty much obsolete around my house. 

April Faves- I’ve Officially Switched!

Read about my latest favorite hair and bath/body products. Make sure to check out the impressive customer reviews on these products to see what people are saying after using them.

So I’ve mentioned before that my hair is complicated. It’s dry ans curly. I call it “high maintenance hair”. It is NOT brush and go hair. Every product I use on my hair  critical for a bad hair day or a good hair day. From shampoo to what I put in it after showering. You’ve seen those Memes about the homeless hairstyle?

This is definitely me. The more time I spend, the cuter my hair is. The less time I spend- the more I look homeless. Lol 

So I’m a little skeptical when changes products for my hair. This week I’ve started using the Nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil line from Avon. I’m impressed. And furthermore, the reviews on these products, especially the Argan Oil itself, are impressive. The age demographic of people using and loving this oil is impressive. Click on the links below the images to see specifications about these products and read customer reviews. And if you click only one link… make sure you click the Argan Oil link. People are loving this stuff, as much as I do! I use the word people because lots of women are buying this product for their children. Even on review the lady is using on her school-aged son to tame his dry curls!  The shampoo and conditioner are a bargain- both for $8 on sale now. The oil is a lottle pricey in my opinion, especially if you’re on the large-family budget like I am. The oil is $10, but totally worth every penny!

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatmemt 

Now that the hair is tamed, let’s talk about my new favorite body wash by Avon. Again, scrolling through the reviews, people of all agea are using these products. And most people who try them and find their favorite never switch again! One girl has been using my new favorite body wash for 5+ years! 

Last week I ran out of body wash. I was using Skin So Soft Original Creamy Body Wash. Even this one has really good reviews and an impressive age demographic. From 25 to 55+ people love the original body wash. 

So when it was time to place my order, I stepped up my game a bit. I do not suffer from dry skin (except my legs in the winter). I simply prefer moisturized skin. In addition, summer is quickly approaching here in Sunny Florida and I will be spending quite a bit of timr in the sun. So rehydrating is important. I’ve been using the Radiant Moisture Body Wash & Body Lotion. I probably won’t be switching any time soon. I love this stuff! 

The body wash & lotions are $8. & right now, the lotions are running a special, buy one-get one for 99 cent! And for people who do suffer from dry skin, I recommend the Supreme Nourishment Creamy Body Wash and Supreme Nourishment Body Lotion. I have these as well; I’m just currently stuck on the radiant moisture line.

Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Creamy Body Wash

Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Body Lotion

If you’ve tried any of these products or if you have questions about them, I’d love to hear from you!

 And don’t forget- Any product you order through my web site has a 90-Day money back return policy. 

The last thought for today is about a product I am getting ready to try. I can’t wait to give my review of the Clearskin Black Mineral Mask. I’ve inserted the link below so you can go ahead and check out the customer reviews. Very impressed with the reviews and the age/gender demographic of people using this product! Check back soon for a new blog with my personal review.

Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask

Weekly Favorites Feb. 26- Exfoliate, Hydrate, & Correct. 

Read my newest blog with my newest favorite products for exfoliating, hydrating, and correcting.

Kind of excited to share my weekly favorites this week. I’ve started using some brand new products from Avon… and I love them! 

Ultra Hydration is a brand new line of products out from the Moisture Therapy line. 

Loving the new Ultra Hydration Body Scrub. It is a body scrub, used for exfoliating. It will not make a ton of suds. And I’ve been using it every 2 or 3 days, as I am a big fan of the suds. I cannot believe how soft and moisturized my skin is after using this body scrub. Not to mention- in my research I’ve found that exfoliating is super important. Of course.. it removes dead skin cells from the skins surface. But more importantly exfoliating increases blood flow and gives you healthy, glowing skin. By the way- increasing blood flow decreases the appearance of cellulite and imperfect skin. 

Also in the Ultra Therapy line is body lotion. 

The Ultra Hydration With Shea Butter Body Lotion is not too thick or too thin. It leaves skin hydrated, without a greasy feeling. It’s the perfect follow up to the body scrub. Also.. the scent is light. It’s not too overbearing. 

Who uses Vaseline? Oddly enough I have 2 small jars in the medicine cabinet, as well as a tube in the kitchen and I keep a tube in the truck. The reason that I must keep this around is my boys. So I have one son with a really bad habit of licking his lips. In the winter months he usually gets chapped all the way around his mouth. I have another son who has really bad allergies. He got this from me. Lol So nothing like a poor little raw nose. And yet a whole nother son who suffers from eczema. His little arms and lega are so rough and bumpy and scratchy. He also gets patches on his back from time to time. Vaseline saves the day!! Lol But I’ve found an amazing alternative. 

The Ultra Hydration Skin Protectant Ointment is specially formulated to reduce dryness on knees and elbows, but it helps prevent, temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin. 

After exfoliating I like to use perfecting body oil. I use this on scars and stretch marks and it minimizes the appearance of imperfections. 

The Firm Restore Perfecting Body Oil ia non-greasy. Once applied it dries quickly and I have noticed a difference in my skin while using this product. Most scars and stretch marks are permanent.. so might as well do something to reduce the appearance. The scent of the  oil is refreshing and it makes my skin soft and smooth.

Try my favorites… and share yours with me 😊

He wonders why I take so long to get ready…

Read my blog to find out what you should tell your significant other.. The next time he/she complains that you are taking too long to get ready.

My husband can’t figure out what takes me so long to get ready. For date night. For dinner with his family. For drinks with friends. He is convinced I take forever, on purpose, for no reason, no matter where we go! The other day it occurred to me that he probably doesn’t know what all gets accomplished while he waits (dressed & ready to go) for about 45 minutes. In an effort to defend myself… I’ve put together some pictures (and a few words) of what goes down prior to date night. 

So I usually look something like this before I get started….

It’s been a rough day at work. & I live in Florida. So the humidity has either made my naturally curley hair less curley & more crazy.. OR it has made my perfectly straightened hair crazy. Shower time….

Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture Body Wash

Anew Clean Purifying Gel Cleanser … to start with a clean slate (face).

Skin So Soft Shower Gel (I use to shave. Leaves skin super hydrated!)

Shampoo AND conditioner (Advance Techniques Argan Oil Conditioner) … because I’ll turna year older before getting a brush through this hair without conditioner! Lol

Moroccan Argan Oil … because the season will change (even with the extra time spent on conditioning) before I can get a brush through this hair (STILL!!)

Anew Clean Micellar Cleansing Water .. to remove any additional dirt from my face and ensure pores are clean. 

Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum … makes my skin glow! Too good to skip!!

Anew Vitale Eye Gel Cream … to avoid puffy eyes.

Anew Vitale Day Lotion … got to take care of the skin! Also has SPF 25. 

SSS Radiant Moiature Gelled Body Oil … to keep skin on arms, chest, & legs hydrated.

SSS Signature Silk Perfecting Oil … I use this oil on old scars or stretch marks to reduce the appearance. 

Back with the hair. Lol I’ve been blessed (cursed) with natural curls. & I straighten… often. There are products on the market today to protect from heat.. & defrizz.. silky & shiny. I have some of these at home; however, the best straighten job I do is when ONLY Moroccan Argan Oil has been used. No other straightening products. So I either straighten with a straightener or with brush/blow dryer (I’m still perfecting the brush/blow dryer.. but the volume & body left in your hair are incredible… & cannot be achieved with the flat iron).

Advance Techniques Large Barrel Brush 
Clothes. Choosing clothes is a headache & Hubby knows I usually have to change 3 times minimum.. before I find what I’m feeling that day. Here are some of my favorites:

Click here to view more!
Now that I’m dressed (we are usually already in the truck in our way out).. it’s time for makeup. I start with MagiX Face Perfector. This evens out skin tone.

Then some Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation.

Extra Lasting Concealer

Perfect Eyebrow Kit 

Always On Point Eye Liner

Extra Lasting Eyeshadow

Eyelash Curler

Pro Precision Tweezer

True Color Wide Awake Mascara

mark. Powder Buff

Smooth Minerals Powder

mark. Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes

Ultra Color Lipstick

Annnndddd finally… I’m ready!! Even with his fancy beard care oils he is using these days… He was ready much, much sooner than I was! Lol But no worries… it was worth it! I look fabulous!