New Year’s Resolution #1- Organize & Declutter!!

Read my blog about organizing and decluttering your home, from laundry room to bedroom to kitchen. Saving some space, one Avon product and room at a time.


Organizing & Decluttering seem to be the unreachable goal at my house! Lol I am the only female that lives in my home… so I’m the only one who sees the aftermath of a tornado when I look around. Everyday I look at our closet.. & then look at my kitchen.. & then look at the kids activity are (where coloring crayons & coloring books & notebook paper) is stored & I think to myself that I know I cannot tackle the beast head-on. I must tackle one space at a time. Time is valuable at my house.. & very limited. Every day I think to myself that organizing even one space per week will give me results! So.. starting this weekend (hopefully) I am going to start with one area at a time. & Avon is going to help me (:

For the Laundry Room: The Sort And Separate Tote helps my boys help me! What a concept! 

Bedrooms: Who has stuff piled under their beds? I dooo!! Lol These Under Bed Canvas Storage compartments are perfect for storing & protecting seasonal or holiday items you need to put away for a while. Also excellent for clearing out some closet space.

Wire Organizing Baskets are perfect for holding laundry items (such as those random leftover socks that match with the ones the dryer ate).

Or, this amazing Retractable Rail With “S” Hooks for all those items that need to hang up and skip the dryer. This rail hold up to 30 lbs!!

If you’re a reader like me then your nightstand probably looks like this:

But there’s a way to organize this, too!! The Collapsible Canvas Magazine Holder is “surprisingly compact” and “sturdy” according to reviews. 

My dresser in the only item in our bedroom (our entire house for that matter) that is messier than my Husband’s ANYTHING! Lol I have so many skincare items & body lotions & hair products & jewelry (3 jewelry boxes & most of the jewelryis on the dresser!) The Stacking Storage Jars …

… Chalkboard Front Desktop Organizer …

… 2-Tier Ceramic Stand …

… & the Pineapple Design Ceramic Planter (doubles as a makeup brush/utensil holder) will help clean up this space. Being organized, in general, helps me save time & be more proficient at whatever I am doing!  

& what about HIS nightstand? It’s also a mess. Usually with remote controls for the TV, cell phone, & other electronics. Check out the Bamboo Multi Device Charging Dock.

 My kitchen is a catch-all! It is a wreck. It’s not bad enough that the plastic wear like cups and bowls are NOT organized at all. An open cabinet door usually results in all the plastic bowls on the counter. It’s not bad enough that the silverware drawer has random silverware everywhere. It’s not bad enough that my kitchen is already a mess… but the kitchen counter catches EVERYTHING! From papers to meds to keys & sunglasses… you name it! Here are some thinga I intend to use to organize & declutter my kitchen:

Straighten up the silverware drawer in style with this Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer.

Keep all the utensils together with this Organizing Crock with Chalkboard Front.

Every home needs one of these! A Grocery Bag Holder.

Make extra shelves in your cabinets! The Bamboo Stacking Shelf doubles your cabinet space!! 

Need to organize those spices?? I do!! The 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Shelf will fit all of my spices (organized & decluttered!) No more digging through 15 spices to find the ine I need in the very back of the cabinet!

Now… for all those keys & papers & notes I need to keep up with, the Chalkboard Corkboard Message Board. Really handy to get organized & to minimize some of the clutter in the catch-all… uh, I mean kitchen.

The Metal Canister With Chalkboard Front is a great way to store food items, like sugar or flour, or all the contents of your junk drawer like screws or nails. It’s multi-purpose.. & it’s purpose can change (chalkboard). I intend to use mine for sugar.. as I’m currently still with sugar in the bag. Lol

So we all need and have and use food strainers (a.k.a. colanders). I have 2. But who loves how much space they take up?? The bigger they are tye more pasta you can cook… & the more space you need to store it. So check out this Collapsible Colander. Takes up a quarter of the space that my current colanders use!

Who has more than 1 set of dishes? Chances are if you’ve lived on your own (out of parents’ house) for more than 2 years you have 2+ sets of dishes. But unless you have half of a baseball team in your house like I do, then you are storing at least one set? If this is the case, then check out these: Salad Plate And Bowl Storage

Mug Storage

& even Stemware Goblet Storage (a.k.a. wine glasses). Although I can’t think of a good reason to store wine glasses unless you have a holiday set or set of wine glasses that are only used on a special occasion. 

Where are your cutting board(s)? Do you have the kind that sit constantly on the counter? Or maybe you’re like me… you have the rubber kind and the ONLY place they storeeasily is laid flat in a drawer. Or shoved in a cabinet (whichis where you would find mine if you searched for them). But this handy Prep Boards With Holder Set stores easily and out of the way. The boards are even color coded, to prevent cross-contamination (how cool?).

This Mini Trash Can is perfect to store near the cutting boards! Perfect for food prep waste, such as seeds and cores from fresh fruits and vegetables. 

How about this for space saving: the 3-in-1 Kitchen Wall Organizer?? This handy gadget is amazing!! It holds aluminum foil, cling wrap, & paper towels! All in one!! 

Stylish food savers! 8-Piece Food Keeper Set is sure to save some space in the cupboard & to keep my foods fresh. 

Living Room/Foyer/Bathroom: I have baskets everywhere! I have one at the front door, as a catch-all. I have one in the bathroom, with candles & bubble bath by the garden tub. I have a small one on my dresser for all my nail polishes. You can’t have too many! & if you use them correctly- they help you organize & declutter. Woven Bin. They also make great gifts… filled with goodies, of course.

I’d love to hear your tips on organizing. I certainly can’t have too many. Happy Decluttering! 

-Brandi 💋