Avon gets you ready for Back to School!

Anybody live in a crazy house like me?! With four young boys in the house getting ready for back to school is just as crazy as getting everybody back in the routine of getting up early… and doing homework… and bedtime! Every parent knows that back to school is an endless checklist of tasks… and then an endless struggle to get back into a routine.

Well… Avon can help out with the upcoming struggles and help you get organized!

AvonLIving3Kids (well… my kids) are usually very eager to help out and be more independent by doing things themselves. This color changing alarm clock will make your kids feel like they are more independent and will also make your life easier.


Whose got the superhero’s? My boys love Spiderman. & they love the idea of packing and bringing their own lunch to school. Check out this 3-piece backpack set which is available exclusively through Avon. The set comes with a backpack, a lunch bag, and a pencil case. Now I am partial to boys since I am the only girl that lives in my house.. but Avon has the Disney Princess backpack set, as well as the Frozen and Minnie Mouse sets (exclusively from Avon) available as well.

AvonLiving2Got to love the rainy days! Everybody loves sunshine… but make sure you are ready for the clouds with these rainy day smile makers. The Superman rain boots and Disney Princess rain boots are available for $24.99 exclusively through Avon. And keeping your kids dry will be much easier with these color-changing umbrellas.

AvonLiving7Getting and staying organized doesn’t have to be a headache. Avon has products you will love that will help you create a schedule that works for you and help get your kids into a routine that will make everybody’s day go smoother in your  home! This calendar chalkboard set will help you keep up with important dates and memo’s. Or this chalkboard corkboard set will provide additional space for tracking upcoming activities or posting incentives for your kids, such as a reward list or chore chart. Personally life would not be sustainable at my home if my kids were not provided with chore charts.

*Tip: Since I have four young children (their ages are 8, 7, 7, and 6) I keep a chore chart for each child. The chores rotate monthly and stickers are earned each day for completion of their tasks which include things like behavior in school, homework, and chores done at home. One sticker per day may be earned and stickers may be ‘lost’ for any reason dependent on the information I have listed on the charts. At the end of the week each child earns $1 per sticker on his chart! This is only $5 per week (times four = $20 per week out of my pocket); however, the chores completed by my children save me at least $20 in time. And you would not believe how big of a motivator this is for my school-aged children.*


Now that you have some ideas about how to get organized and get into a routine with your children let’s talk about the kitchen. At my home, by the time homework and chores are done we (or I should say ‘I’) do not have much time to prepare dinner. That being said… diet or no diet.. healthy or not healthy.. we have all heard about meal-prep. I have not perfected this plan as of yet; however, it is a goal I am hoping to achieve this next school year. Sunday’s can provide some time in the afternoon’s and evenings to prep meals for up to 2-3 days! I strongly recommend meal prepping. I once read that a goal without a plan is just a dream. The more I think about this the more the words sink in. Goals are a good tool to get you going in the right direction but without a plan how can you reach your goals? So your dinner meals can be prepared on the weekend and either refrigerated or frozen for later use during the week. I, personally, like to bake chicken in the oven and prepare rice and store in containers, like the 8-piece food storage set with attached lids from Avon! These containers are available for just $19.99 and my favorite thing about them? The lids are attached! Who hasn’t spend hours in the kitchen looking for the lid that goes with this bowl? No more! Lids are attached and do not come off. And if that’s not enough… these handy containers are safe in your microwave, your freezer, AND in your dishwasher!

AvonLiving5Along with meal prep, we do a lot of crock pot meals in my home. Prep time is usually about 30 minutes. We walk away from the crock pot for the day and come home to dinner. So easy. This Cuisinart Oval Slow Cooker is perfect for letting your dinner cook itself! And guess what? This fine piece of equipment that can literally give you 2 hours of your life back is safe in your dishwasher! No more standing at the stove preparing your family’s meal and then standing at the sink cleaning up your family’s meal! I think every home that has more than 2 people should have a slow cooker. This gives you more time with your family.

AvonLiving8Next up let’s check out your laundry room. If I haven’t mentioned already… I have four children in my home! Add my husband and me and I (yes… mostly I) spend quite a bit of time in our laundry room. Again, let me mention the chore charts my children live by. Yes!! They absolutely have to fold and put away their own laundry. Remember the comment about life not being sustainable at my home without my chore charts? Well… imagine me washing, drying, folding, AND putting away laundry for 6 people?! It is certainly possible… but not if my family expects me to do anything else. So how can these Avon products (that I love so dearly) help you in your laundry room? Well let’s take some guesswork out of laundry for the other people that live in your home so that they are able to pitch in! These personalizable set of 3 printed laundry bags are so handy that my 6-year-old can sort laundry for me! You can use these bags how they are shown in the picture OR you can give each child a bag of his/her own to keep up with their dirty or clean laundry! Or feel free to delegate out some more of the responsibility by having the people (big or small) actually move some of the laundry. These stackable rolling bins can help get the job going. Or they are also great for storage.