Beauty for a Purpose


The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade was started in 1992 and as of 2015 had contributed over $800 million to breast cancer programs around the world!  Avon does as little as featuring items in brochures that if purchased provide a donation to the breast cancer cause and does as big as The Avon 39, which is a walk to end breast cancer and takes place in seven U.S. cities and covers 39.3 miles in two days. Click here to see all of the programs organized by Avon to support the breast cancer cause and see how you can get involved.

Avon features products that can be purchased through independent sales representatives, such as me, that donate a portion to this cause. Some of the items include bracelets, watches, key chains, and other seasonal items. Some of these items available now are pictured below with links:


Breast Cancer Crusade Hope Charm Bracelet


Breast Cancer Crusade Shaky Necklace


Avon Pink Pride Scarf


Breast Cancer Crusade Silver Can’t Stop Me Ring


Breast Cancer Illusions Necklace


Breast Cancer Illusions Bracelet


Breast Cancer Pink Fleece Jacket


Breast Cancer Crusade Sterling Silver Necklace


Breast Cancer Crusade Heart Ribbon Necklace


Pink Pride Color-Changing Crusade Umbrella


Breast Cancer Crusade Ribbon Cuff Watch


Pink Pride Crusade Sneaker

Support the Breast Cancer Crusade today.


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…

Read my blog about feeling fabulous with inexpensive jewelry. Life is too short to not feel fabulous.


I love it when MY style finally hits the fashion scene. I think most women, except for models of course, are like me. They don’t spend money on products because they are “in”. They spend money on products they LOVE! So how great is it when the products you LOVE are finally “in”??

This season has so many things I love that I’m having trouble pacing myself. For me… there is something about dangling earrings and clinky bangle bracelets that make my mood better. They make me feel like a girl. The kind of girl that feels pretty and feels confident. The kind of girl that makes everyone around her happy, just with her smile. The kind of girl whose laugh is contagious. We all know girls. And there are thousands of words we (both men and women) use to describe girls. But let’s be clear… there is something about diamonds and jewelry that make me feel like the kind of girl that everyone wants to be. Or be with.


*If you have not found what makes you feel this way and what brings out this part of you, as a girl, then please begin your search immediately! Life is too short not to feel fabulous. We will all (especially girls) have days where we choose bad mood. Or negative thoughts. But life really is too short to spend most of your days this way. So begin your search. Or do what makes you feel fabulous as often as possible.

With that being said… I want to share some of the things that make me feel fabulous.


The Fireworks Collection is new. & I’m already in Love! This Fireworks Cocktail Ring has finally come around, to fit my style. Click here to view more info on the ring and pricing. & if you Love this ring as much as I do, make sure to check out the matching necklace, bracelet, & earrings here. Now… I definitely realize how flashy this ring is. & it is either going to be a love or hate relationship; however, if you have not tried flashy, costume jewelry before I definitely recommend trying it at some point! Again… it’s all about how it makes you feel. Feeling wonderful & fabulous cannot be duplicated or fake, but it does not have to be expensive.

earrings1Another trend I noticed has come back around lately to fit my style is the teardrop shaped earrings. There are only a couple reviews posted on these earrings, but I noticed more than one review mentions how these earrings are great for daytime working or hanging out OR for night out / date night. Click here to see the latest teardrop shaped earrings available. And if you Love teardrops make sure to check out the Sunrise Collection.

The sterling silver line of jewelry is still what I would consider costume jewelry; however, the prices are a bit higher and the silver is sterling. I have several of these rings from this line that I wear daily.

ring2My necklaces, earrings, & even watches vary each day depending on my mood; however, I have grown fond of the sterling silver collection and have several pieces I wear each day, in addition to my wedding set of course.

I, personally, love black onyx and dark-colored jewelry, which brings me to my last “feel-fabulous” jewelry collection.


The mark. Back Up Plan Necklace is gorgeous & can be worn three ways, to fit right in with your look. I love long, dangly necklaces especially in the winter when I get to wear sweaters and long-sleeve shirts (occasionally in Florida). Click here to see all of the jewelry by mark. And again… how convenient that this new line is out just in time to fit my style! 2017 is off to a great start, thanks to the designers (wherever they are) that are miraculously reading my mind!!

Be sure to check back, as there are some fabulous new pieces coming out soon. & I will say again: life is too short to not feel fabulous. & if you have never tried to feel fabulous with simple jewelry then I definitely think it is time you gave it a shot! It is cheaper than massages and lasts longer than pedicures.

Fashionista: a devoted follower of Fashion.

I love being a woman… most of the time. & I love this little controller I have, so-to-speak. My house and my life generally feel like a train that has derailed and I have zero control over the direction it is heading or how bad the destruction is going to be, once the dust has settled. Between a full-time job and four full-time children (all under 10 years old)… things get pretty chaotic.

However, with that being said- there is one thing I can control and it, ultimately, controls my mood and my outlook on life (at least for a day). & that, my friends, is fashion. Laying around in sweat pants all weekend and curling up with a good movie or a good book is undoubtedly a perfect weekend in my mind sometimes. I would love to just be for a day or two. Just exist and have zero responsibilities; however, this obviously doesn’t happen very often. & let me tell you… it takes real talent to manage my home. It also takes a lot of time.

Weekdays are crazy. Most of the time I don’t feel that I have adequate time to breathe. Much less conquer the world. But I will tell you, & I feel that this may be true with most women, when I put time and effort into how I look for the day (not for anyone but myself)… I feel so good. I feel prettier and happier, & this makes for a prettier and happier day. My patience at work and home usually lasts a little longer and there’s a bit of peace inside, because I gave me some time today. A few extra minutes in the mirror or with the closet choosing something that will make me feel fabulous! I’ve noticed lately that I find myself “dressing up” more often… mostly to improve my mood. If you have not tried it… you definitely should.


Lace-Detail Asymmetrical Top


I usually wear this top with black and gray leggings. & the term I use to describe how I feel in this outfit is “Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend”. If it’s warm outside, I wear with sandals… cold I wear black boots. I love this shirt and have actually gotten a lot of compliments on it. It probably helps that it is an instant mood elevator for me (selfie below). To order this top now, click here.

fashion4I feel amazing in this top, if you can’t tell.

I also don’t know what it is about skirts or dresses… but they seem to instantly make me happier. I don’t wear them very often. But occasionally, a sun dress or skirt feels right and I’m almost never sorry for it. The skirt below is so cute and looks amazing with heels.


Who knew? We don’t need mood stabilizers or prescriptions or therapy. Of course, looking cute is not free. And not always cheap. But definitely worth it. Sometimes I feel like I am just existing, and not really living. I have a personal goal to start doing small things like taking more ‘Me’ time in the morning to ‘look’ better… but not for looks. But it’s that easy for me to change my whole mood. Too bad it doesn’t solve any of the other problems we have in our daily lives… like getting the laundry washed and dried and the dishes put away! LOL

For other ideas on Fashion, like and subscribe to my blog. Also… feel free to visit my web site and have a look around. You may find something that is worth so much more than money 🙂 Feel free also to comment with pics of the fashion that lifts your spirits or other ideas you use to improve your mood.


Mark. is ready for Summer

Have you met Mark.? Mark. is ready for Summer!

Mark. is a line of products by Avon, including clothes, fragrances, makeup, and jewelry. Mark’s summer catalog will have you ready for the beach in no time!

Mark7Let’s start with the summer must-haves! Mark. has surf spray for your locks. Who doesn’t love the beach hair look? That’s Beachy texturizing surf spray will give you the beach hair look no matter where you spend your warm summer day. The Crushing on Coconut body mist will have you feeling like you’re on the islands. And one of my favorite things is the Touch & Glow shimmer cubes. Whether you have worked on your tan or not, these cubes will tell the world that you have!

Mark2Mark. style is like no other. The Fever Pitch Dress will be sure to keep you cool in the high temperatures and the flirty Orchid Show Maxi Skirt is perfect for summer nights.

Mark6Mark. has all the accessories to go along with their stylish clothing. I’m loving this Ray of Sunshine Beach Hat and the Mother of Pearl hair pins!

Mark9You won’t want to miss Mark. makeup. Mark. features hook-ups! These nifty little tools connect your favorite cream eye shadow with your favorite liquid eye liner or your favorite plumping lip gloss. Create the look you want and then keep your colors hooked up for convenient use in the future.

Want to see the full catalog? Click here to see the full line of summer products available now from Mark.

Place your order today and remember, shipping is always free on orders of $40 or more! & don’t forget to register your e-mail before purchasing so that you can receive special offers right in your inbox!